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Sauk Rapids-Rice DECA Announces Burger Battle Finalists!

As the sizzle settles and the anticipation peaks, we bring you the grand finale of Sauk Rapids-Rice DECA's Burger Battle at Molitor's Quarry. The Championship Round is here, featuring two extraordinary contenders: the Nacho-licious Beefy Burger and the Egg-cellent Maple Burger. Join us in celebrating the champions and relishing the final showdown.

Burger Battle Finalists

Nacho-licious Beefy Burger
Morgan Teff, Macey Fitzpatrick, Brielle McCarthy

🍔 Nacho-licious Beefy Burger - $16

Taco seasoned patty, nacho cheese, diced tomatoes, crushed tortilla chips, jalapeños, and sour cream.

*Comes with limes and black olives served on the side.

Egg-cellent Maple Burger
Mylah Lukason and Emersyn Sjogren

🍔 Egg-cellent Maple Burger - $17

Maple syrup-coated patty on a cinnamon egg-wash bun, topped with eggs*, bacon, and hashbrowns.

*Eggs made to your liking.

Results and Analysis

The judging criteria included both the quantity sold and the community's feedback. The aim was to maintain fairness and hear about both positive experiences and areas for improvement. Students grasped the importance of not just focusing on sales but also crafting menu items with positive satisfaction ratings—a crucial lesson for any business.

Once the Final 4 Round was complete, students categorized open-ended responses, identifying positive and negative feedback. Each class had the opportunity to make one revision for their final burger entering the championship round, setting the stage for Mrs. Schlichting’s students to face off against Ms. Seaman’s students.

The winning burger will be featured on the Molitor’s Quarry menu for a minimum of one year. Additionally, the winning class will enjoy an in-class celebration featuring Otis Spunkmeyer DECA cookies. As an added twist, the winning class gets to choose a wacky outfit for the losing teacher to wear for an entire school day.

Event Recap

Student-Made Posters
Food Photography & Poster Design

Taking a step back and reflecting on the journey from December's kickoff to the current Championship Round, it's amazing to recall significant milestones for the Intro to Business students. Their educational experience covered understanding pricing dynamics, profit margins, and overhead costs, followed by lessons on food photography, poster design, social media analytics, and event planning. This immersive experience provided them with a sneak peek into the intricacies of the business world. The students' active participation at every stage, from conceptualizing the burgers to bringing them to life, infused an extra layer of excitement into the entire burger adventure.

Special acknowledgments go to Senior Project Leads, Abby Davis and Shawn Pilon, who worked diligently to ensure the event's smooth execution. Collaborating with the teaching team, high school administration, and community partners, they honed their communication and project organization skills.

Community Partnerships

Resource Training and Solutions

In the beginning phases of the project, Davis and Pilon collaborated with Alison Orgaard at Resource Training and Solutions to secure a CTE Innovation Grant of $2,000. This grant covered essential aspects, including transportation for the taste-testing field trip and food costs for students to sample burgers from each class.

Burger Battle Sticker made by SRRHS Yearbook staff

Additionally, the SRRHS Yearbook/Photography program played a crucial role by providing promotional stickers for all students in the class and making some available at the event. This additional support elevated the event, turning it into something truly special to remember.


Sauk Rapids-Rice DECA's Burger Battle was not just a culinary competition; it was a journey of skill-building, community engagement, and charitable impact. As the Championship Round unfolds, join us in savoring the success achieved by these talented students. Every bite not only celebrates a culinary victory but also contributes to Tanner's Team Foundation, with 50% of each burger sale making a meaningful impact. Stay tuned for the crowning of the Burger Battle champion and the celebration of a community united by good food and a great cause. 🏆🍔 

📅 Sales Dates and Location

Dates: Tuesday, January 23rd - Thursday, January 25th

Hours: 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: Molitor's Quarry Grill & Bar

Charitable Cause: 50% of burger sales will be donated to Tanner's Team Foundation

Ingredient List for Sweet 16 Burgers


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