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Sauk Rapids-Rice DECA Unveils First-Ever Burger Battle at Molitor's Quarry

Flavorful Showdown: Student-Made Burgers in the Spotlight

Sauk Rapids-Rice DECA is thrilled to announce its first Burger Battle at Molitor's Quarry. This exciting event not only gives students a chance to get hands-on experience but also raises awareness and funds for Tanner's Team Foundation.

The Battle Begins

In a burger competition inspired by NCAA March Madness, Introduction to Business students have cooked up individual burgers to compete in a bracket. Chef Cody Rinne and Assistant Manager Hanna Meyer started things off with a presentation on product design and pricing, guiding students to create their own flavorful creations. With over 100 students forming teams and submitting over 50 burgers, the stage was set for an epic showdown.

The Elimination Rounds

The excitement kicked off with the Sweet 16 round, where burgers were judged based on creativity, flavor, and the students' sales pitches by senior project leads Abby Davis and Shawn Pilon. The next round of eliminations is in the works as we speak. Chef Cody Rinne will assess the feasibility and profitability of the burgers, narrowing it down to the Elite 8.

Burger Battle Sauk Rapids Rice DECA Molitor's Quarry
Burger Battle Bracket - Molitor's Quarry

Public Involvement

The anticipation doesn't end there. This week, the top two burgers from each class will be revealed to each class. A social media poll will be posted on our Facebook page and will allow anyone to vote for their favorite burgers, inviting the Sauk Rapids community to join in. Based on the results, we will have our Final 4 burgers that will advance to the sales round of the competition.

Student Field Trip 

On January 9th, students will take a field trip to Molitor's Quarry, experiencing a tour and learning from Chef Cody and Hanna about the business. This unique experience includes sampling their class burgers and capturing promotional pictures/videos for advertisements.

Sales Showdown

The sales phase kicks off with a feature menu at Molitor's Quarry from January 16th to 18th, showcasing the top 4 burgers. The following week, from January 23rd to 25th, there will be a head-to-head battle between the top burgers from Shauna Seaman's and Kayla Schlichting's classes, with the ultimate winner determined by sales figures. The burger that wins will be featured on Molitor’s Quarry Menu for a minimum of one year! 

A Charitable Cause

Highlighting the altruistic aspect of the event, 50% of all burger sales will be directed back into the community, contributing to the Tanner's Team Foundation. This charitable initiative adds depth to the competition, making every bite count for a greater purpose.

The Sauk Rapids-Rice DECA's Burger Battle at Molitor's Quarry is s a celebration of creativity, teamwork, and community engagement. As we approach the final showdown, the growing anticipation and excitement set the stage for more than just a competition; it becomes a flavorful journey with a noble cause.

Student-Made Burger Submissions


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